Let's meet at 3rd European Conference on Earthquake Engineering Seismology!

Submit your abstract at “Recent advances in Archeoseismology: historical monuments as ”stone” seismometers” session

Diego, Arnaud, Cedric and Maria are waiting for your contributions at 3ECEES.

We invite contributions from disciplines spanning from history to earthquake engineering and seismology. Among the proposed topics, we find: historical/archaeological works on the impact of past earthquakes on structure and society, evolution of building history and their vulnerability through the centuries, petrological/mineralogical characterization of (ancient) building materials, architectural and structural engineering analysis, modelling masonry behavior under seismic loading, and ground motion seismology including site effects and soil- structure interaction in archaeological sites. Experimental, analytical, and numerical modelling approaches are naturally expected. Running case-studies and/or foreseen archaeological sites are also welcome.