35 degrees Celsius and 4 disciplines...the seismic sensors were on fire and researchers on the field as well....but we did it!!

A little bit late, the chronicle of the long July mission.

From July 3rd until July 9th, four different surveys took place in Mugello.

The CEREMA-ENS team composed by: Diego, Philippe, Michel and Arnaud, completed the instrumentation of San Cresci in Valcava and San Giovanni Maggiore bell towers. The latter bell tower required the intervention of Francesco Libone with its spider to help in the installation of sensors at the highest floor. Now all data have been acquired to perform the Operational Modal Analysis, allowing to infer the structures modal base.

Under a burning sun of Italian summer, the CNR-ISPC Team composed by Emma and Fabio took the micro sample of mortars of the bell towers.

In the meanwhile, two IRSN-ENS sub-groups composed by Hervé & Hélène and Céline & Sébastien, measured 76 HVRS points along the basin…digging holes in dried clay soil was not a piece of cake but they did!

Georgia with her notebook and camera conducted a first reading of the repairs and damages visible on the bell towers… the archaeological datum!

Finally the INGV-CNR-UniFi Team composed by Giacomo, Giberto and Marco organized a wonderful geological field trip… Mugello faults are far to be known and many investigation have to be conducted in the are to fully understand the behaviour of Ronta and Sieve faults.

Maria had the pleasure and the privilege of being with all the groups, digging holes, climbing on bell towers, (trying) to recognize the faults….

During these days we meet many people who received and helped us, a special thank goes to Don Niccolò, Don Luciano, Arch. Frilli, Signora Carmela, Signor Giuseppe, the Protezione Civile in Borgo San Lorenzo…we will see you soon!