Job Offers

18 Month Post doctoral position in IRSN France

Duration: 18 months

Starting date: Flexible, between October 2021 and March 2022

Location: Paris, France

Pre-requisites: PhD - experience in numerical simulations of wave propagation or rupture dynamics in 3D models

Our offer: Opportunity to model the seismic ground motion taking into account source rupture complexity and wave propagation in a 3D sedimentary basin. True integration of the ground motion models in a knowledge chain spanning between geology (build 3D model from inputs) and the damaged structures (outputs will be used to shake numerical models of historical buildings). Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team (historians, archeologists, petrologists, civil engineers, geologists, seismologists, mathematicians) from Italy and France. Learn to solve complex problems using high performance computing facilities.

Title: Modelling seismic ground motion including source and site complexity for better knowledge of past earthquakes (Funding by the French national research agency, ANR)

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