We are preparing a new survey for the first week of July

Three disciplines on the field for the next survey!

From July 3th until July 9th three different survey will take place in Mugello

The bell tower team (piloted by the CEREMA) will continue the mesure in San Cresci in Valcava and San Giovanni Maggiore bell towers, at the sama time the IRSN-ENS team will drive all along the basin to install seismic sensors to measure ambient vibration noise.

Their aim? To map the foundamental frequency at different locations in the basins, their mesures will densify the ones available in VEL Program and kindly shared by GEOTECNO with the ACROSS project.

Finally the archaeologist Georgia Poursoulis will start her OPUR survey to trace the repairs on the bell towers!

Waiting for the new chronicles from the field, some extra pictures of the last week survey where the new Raspberry shake sensors are tested. Enjoy!