Cecilia Ciuccarelli (INGV)


I’m a historian and I’m researcher in the Bologna’s branch of the INGV, the Italian National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. My main study subjects are the historical Seismology and the historical Volcanology. For over twenty years I have been investigating the historical earthquakes occurred in Italy from the Antiquity to the contemporary years. The research and critical analysis of written historical sources provide us information on several aspects concerning the effects of past earthquakes. Therefore the historical seismology is a multidisciplinary field aimed to highlight the complexity of the seismic dynamics and the impacts on the human works, the natural environmental, the life of the affected communities, and the history and vulnerability of the architectural heritage, due to the damage suffered by the monuments. My research and my studies therefore oft lead me to interact with the experts of the different earth sciences fields, or of the other scientific areas and of the humanities, such as, in the case of the structural and seismic analysis of heritage buildings, archaeologists, architects, engineers and seismologists. This is a very fascinating and productive feature of my research activity. It will be a very interesting challenge for me to study and discuss the historical data about the constructive events and the seismic effects on the five bell-towers in Mugello.